Now, more than ever, doing more with less is a business imperative. Let Pride Technologies help you utilize your IT infrastructure and IT resources with greater efficiency and impact. Our PrideGuided engagement methodology enables us to:

  • Help you to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Identify the critical factors that define the success of the optimization effort
  • Develop an action plan to capitalize on those opportunities
  • Provide resources to assist with the execution of the plan
  • Verify that the success criteria have been accomplished at project completion

Client Optimization

As the world continues to migrate toward client-based technology, businesses are looking for more and more ways to gain efficiencies, reduce costs, and manage their data better. While client optimization encompasses many different technologies and solutions, Pride Technologies has the expertise to help you uncover exactly what it can do for your business. We offer optimization solutions that range from server-based computing models to desktop layering to application virtualization. Our PrideGuided engagement model focuses on understanding your current environment in order to strategize and implement the most effective solution for your organization.


Server Virtualization

In today’s business arena, organizations are challenged with serving their customers better and faster, leveraging their resources to their maximum potential, responding nimbly to ever-changing business demands, and reducing costs across the board. That’s why many companies have identified server virtualization as an integral step in moving their business forward.


Server virtualization allows businesses to:


  • Reduce capital and operational expenditures
  • Better utilize server assets (from 15% to more than 70%)
  • Reduce data center space, power, cooling, and cabling
  • Operate reliably with greater disaster recovery resiliency and a reduction in the effort and business impact of server refresh projects
  • React to changing business needs with a more nimble infrastructure
  • Enable Cloud Computing


Pride Technologies can help you with your server virtualization needs no matter where you are in the process.If you’re just getting started, our expert consultants can help you map out the right strategy and build a solid infrastructure to begin virtualizing your servers. If you’re trying to get past the 40-50% virtualized mark, we can guide you through the process of successfully virtualizing your tier 1 workloads.


I/O Virtualization

In today’s complex data centers, there is an ever-increasing demand to improve efficiencies in servers, networks, and storage. Virtualization has been instrumental in helping business remain competitive, responsive, and increasingly efficient. The next phase in virtualization includes Input / Output (I/O) virtualization. Pride Technologies is a proven leader in strategizing and deploying I/O virtualization solutions on both blade and rack-mount server form factors.


With Pride Technologies as your I/O virtualization partner, your business can:


  • Reduce complexity
  • Right-size bandwidth utilization
  • Reduce power consumption
  • Significantly reduce costs while maintaining or exceeding availability
  • Respond quickly to business changes
  • Reduce system outage windows
  • Increase server to administrator management ratios