Public and private clouds, BYOD computing and workforce agility are driving the future of Converged Infrastructures. Increased desire to distribute Video over IP along with Voice and Data services continues to tax already over extended networks. Network optimization will continue to become a key need within the Enterprise to maintain successful application delivery to end users and customers. It will become increasingly important to build a survivable network to ensure delivery of key SLA’s as well as minimize bottlenecks and outages.


Pride Technologies has the expertise to help companies prepare their network to meet future business goals.Through our PrideGUIDED approach, we gain an understanding of your business direction and are able to help design an infrastructure that will help to meet those goals.Through a thorough assessment, Pride can help:


  • Lower Capital and Operation Expenses
  • Reduce downtime from outages and upgrades
  • Create a scalable, survivable infrastructure by eliminating older STP technologies
  • Plan and test for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery scenarios
  • Prepare for distributed computing, SaaS and cloud services
  • Increase IT productivity through single pane of glass approach


Information Security

In 2006 a stolen credit card was worth between $15 and $20. In 2011, that same number is worth around 10 cents. Security breaches have become the norm in front page news, it’s less a matter of “when” and more a matter of “who” will be on the front page tomorrow. In the changing target of organized crime, government enforced compliance regulations and introduction to Instant-on computing, businesses need to be prepared to combat data security breaches as well as prepare for disaster. Pride Technologies has the expertise to help companies analyze potential vulnerabilities in the infrastructure, provide solutions to protect their data, implement Business Continuity Planning and help prepare them for future expansion and change.