Cloud Computing

Cloud computing and service-based delivery models offer IT organizations a way to meet both the increasing demands for dynamically delivered IT resources and the increasing pressure to lower costs. Cloud strategies deliver the flexibility for rapid deployment of systems and provide businesses with the speed and agility they expect for real-time data mining and business analytics.

Pride Technologies can help you determine how to leverage Cloud Computing to meet your business needs and exceed your customers’ expectations. Whether your organization needs to build a private, public, or hybrid cloud, we have the know-how to make it work. Specifically, we can:

  • Design and size your Cloud Computing infrastructure
  • Develop run-book automation processes
  • Build a self-service portal where your customers can request the services they need
  • Enable continuous Cloud infrastructure monitoring to allow the provided services to grow and shrink as necessary to meet service-level requirements


Many organizations struggle with planning for tomorrow, because their IT resources are fully allocated to meeting the demands of the present. At Pride Technologies, we believe that the solution is to work smarter, not harder. By automating your infrastructure processes, you can achieve more without overtaxing your resources or overstaffing your team. Whether your business is a large enterprise or a small-to-medium sized business, we can help you manage your IT infrastructure better, faster, and smarter.


Our Expert Consultants Will Engage With You To:

  • Create better consistency in your environment
  • Gain efficiencies with tasks that are performed frequently, allowing you to re-allocate IT resources to strategic tasks that will position your business for future success
  • Ensure that rarely performed tasks are performed continually and accurately reduce variations across systems, minimizing production issues and enabling quicker, more effective troubleshooting